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Buying a Business

In harsh financial times, it can be much harder to get a business off the ground from scratch. It is sometimes better to take over an established business with a track record. With this in mind, it is essential to evaluate any business that you are considering very carefully as it is so easy to be taken in by business sale agents patter or to see an existing business as part of your dream to run your own business. We will evaluate and report on the viability of the business you are buying and also help you to obtain financial backing for the purchase. We will give you good honest advice and over the years, we have advised clients that potential businesses were not right for them, even though they were practically ready with their cheque books. There are an unbelievable number of pitfalls that a new owner can fall into and our experience of advising clients over the years has built into a substantial understanding of these pitfalls that allow us to divert clients from businesses that aren't right and steer them around the pitfalls of the business that is right for them. When buying a business, the new owners quite often raise finance by remortgaging or securing against their home, which means that if the business fails, they not only lose their business, but also risk losing their home.