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Business Advice

Our advice service is derived from our combined years of experience, both in accountancy and industry. We also have access to specialist advisers that help with more specialised areas and a vast array of contacts to whom we can refer businesses for advice on subjects such as financial advice, insurance, legal advice, employment law and insolvency. Time and time again, our clients tell us that their favourite part of our service is our fixed prices. Having agreed an annual fee up front, our clients can contact us for advice throughout the year at no extra cost. So many times we have come across clients who have felt unable to approach their old accountants for advice as they know that they will receive a bill, almost before they have put the phone down.

"The owner of this business goes out of her way to always hit the very tight deadlines I ask of her and is always available on the phone to chat over any issues, I would not hesitate in recommending her and the team @ MS Accountancy"
James Charteris - Ashdale Financial Management Ltd